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What Can The PAS Tech Do To Improve The Environment?


We have been asked, “What can the PAS tech do to improve the environment?” In general terms, since Phase Angle Synchronization (PAS) can reduce how much electricity the utility needs to generate, it reduces how much fuel is burned.  We know burning less fuel (primarily natural gas in California) means fewer emissions.  But how much less?

Burning less fuel means fewer emissions

We did the math based specifically on California’s carbon dioxide emissions per kilowatt hour.  Among the 50 states, California is among the “cleaner” electric grids ranking just 44th in terms of carbon emissions tied to electricity.

Vortex Green Energy can remove 215 metric tons of CO2 each year—the equivalent of:

  • 526,247 miles driven by an average passenger vehicle per PAS unit
  • absorption of carbon equal to 3,559 tree seedlings grown for 10 years per PAS unit

As for electricity saved, every year it would be like:

  • charging over 27 Million smartphones per PAS unit
  • replacing 8,125 incandescent bulbs with LEDs for each PAS unit

That’s a quite an impact for each PAS unit installed. Which begs the question, “What if PAS were implemented statewide in every commercial and industrial application?” Answer: Our conservative estimate shows a reduction of nearly 7 million metric tons of carbon dioxide removed from the grid.  That is more than a 15% reduction in emissions from making electricity in California.

And nationwide? We’ll save that discussion for another day. If you are thinking, “This would make a huge impact on emissions!” you’re right. Until then, DO WATTS GOOD™.

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