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How to Save a Million

Save-A-Million-a-Year (SAMY)

Warren Buffett, in a 2015 letter to shareholders, famously saw the competition from federally supported wind and solar projects as changing the economics for electric utilities. And though many utilities walk the line of insolvency (since they don’t manage their expenses as closely as Buffett does), the impact of the changing market forces in electricity has been delayed for now.  This is because utilities installed smart meters and changed their rate cards to include time-of-use rates to track when electricity is in demand (like when people come home from work) and charge an increased rate during those times. But the pressure is still on and utilities have to find new sources of revenue and new ways to cut costs in order to survive the competition they face in the market.

One local utility has a “Business Development Department” whose goal is to find new sources of revenue to make up for lost revenue as their customers increasingly install energy efficiency measures including solar panels.  However, this division is not listed on the utility’s website and is not publicized–probably to prevent the public from even considering the fate of their utility.

With the goal of helping electric utilities lower their costs while maintaining their revenue, Vortex Green Energy has introduced SAMY: the Save-A-Million-a-Year program.  The Phase Angle Synchronization (PAS) technology VGE provides saves energy, which saves money (plus it saves would-be carbon emissions too). How much energy and how much money, exactly?

Save-A-Million-a-Year (SAMY) Program

Yearly ResultsAmount # of PAS Units
Saved Energy (kWh)1 Million kWh1
Saved Utility Costs $1 Million10
Earned Revenue for VGE$1 Million30

One PAS units will save 1 Million kWhs per year.  Ten PAS units will save CA utilities $1 Million per year in operation and maintenance costs. And since VGE shares in the savings created for utilities, thirty PAS units will generate $1 Million in revenue for Vortex Green Energy.

To sign up to participate in the SAMY program, fill out our Contact form here.

About the PAS technology: The PAS saves energy where the waste occurs (at the induction motor) and the solution ensures that all current delivered to a customer is consumed efficiently and is billed for properly.  To learn more, watch a 3 min explanation video here.

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