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Double Green: Do Good and Make Money


What does green mean to us?  The word “green”, beyond describing a certain color, is also synonymous with money.  Recently, it also describes clean energy technologies, such as our PAS tech.  At Vortex Green Energy, we mean both.  We call it Double Green. (We considered naming our operation Vortex Double Green Energy, but it doesn’t roll off the tongue properly).

The benefits to the environment were shared earlier and are significant when looking at impact on a per PAS unit basis.  The benefits from a hundred units installed during our pilot program are not only mind-boggling but will demonstrate how we can decarbonize the grid on a large scale.  More descriptions and comparisons of climate impact are coming soon.

So, what about the money part of “green”?  Consider this: In California, electric utilities waste about 32 billion kilowatt hours every year.  That’s $3 billion in operating costs wasted yearly.  The PAS tech captures and uses this waste and Vortex Green Energy keeps one-third of the savings.  If we only satisfy a small percentage of that demand (pick a number, any number) the annual revenue potential is very big (a huge pile of “green”) and that money is ongoing and recurring year after year for 20 years or more!

It could have been called, The Mean Clean Double Green Grid Decarbonizing Machine (sorry George Foreman).  But it doesn’t matter what it’s called, it matters what it does.  And we are excited to demonstrate those Double Green benefits with the nation.

With the offering now qualified and the capital raise underway, we shift our focus to creating awareness of the benefits to the planet, people, and profits.  We are engaged in discussions with experts who handle media and public relations as well as social media strategy and execution.  These experts will play a key role in shaping our company story and sharing it with a wider audience.  This sets the stage to broadcast our efforts as we reach various operational milestones.

Additionally, some of our early supporters have volunteered their connections to garner support from industry stakeholders, including introductions to what will be pilot program locations.  While other supporters have offered technical expertise to ensure smooth manufacturing operations for our vendor.  Details will be shared as these early discussions and relationships become formalized.  Until then, DO WATTS GOOD™.

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