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“What does your company do?”

We are asked that question quite often, and frankly, it’s a little technical and even nerdy.  So, we were looking for a way to capture the essence and benefit of the flagship technology we are bringing to market and DO WATTS GOOD™ was the clear winner.

More than once we have jumped into long-winded explanations, elaborating on some technical aspect or another (while the listener’s eyes begin to glaze over), only to be accused of being an engineer.  Our core group doesn’t want to brag, or anything, but we are not engineers.  Instead, we strive to explain in simple terms how the technology works, whose bottom line improves, and the global impact it will have for people and the planet.

This site will serve as the nexus of these explanations.  We realize that many questions we are asked by some, are at least wondered by others.  Watch for regular updates to content, explanations, and answers as we roll out this revolutionary technology together.

Oh, and some have already asked if there will be corporate “swag” available anytime soon?  We are seriously considering it.  Until then, DO WATTS GOOD™. 

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    This is awesome!

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