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Behind the Scenes at Tripac Systems


Many of our supporters have asked what’s been happening over the last few months.  I know it’s been quiet.  We have just had our heads down working, building, and planning out all aspects of our next phase.

For example, Tripac Systems has spent the last few months getting their new Washington State location ready for production. The demo unit is now installed, and investors and other interested stakeholders can schedule a visit to the facility to see the technology up close.  (Just fill out the form below).

Here are some fresh pictures of the operation:

Tripac Systems Washington location.
Assembly workstations being set up.
Bob Widner’s workstation.
PAS Demo Unit.
Mike putting finishing touches on 2,600 wire harnesses.
Wire harness assembly workstation supplies and equipment.
This cute little wire harness has 13 miniature solder joints, 12 double crimp terminals, 6 wire ties, and 24 shrink tubes!
A bunch of completed wire harnesses representing hundreds of hours of assembly work performed.
Toolroom and switchgear.
On-board computer testing and quality control station.
The beginnings of what will be the first operating PAS system to be produced with the recent upgrades and advancements from the research and development of the last few months—details of which will be be announced in the coming weeks.
  1. Love what we have through my Fravorite Company. And Thankyou All for working so hard, waiting patiently on some very good News. Maybe just trim my shrubbery. LOL on the next outside pictures

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